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Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Cyber-crime and fraud are a constant concern for property professionals. Criminals are employing ever more sophisticated techniques to divert client funds into their own pockets. It is important that your colleagues are trained to spot the tell-tale signs and act in accordance with your own AML processes, which should include carrying out AML Checks on every case.

We work with Smart Search and Thirdfort to support your compliance with AML regulations, performing checks against a number of databases to help you prove your client is who they say they are.

Our online integration with Thirdfort, takes this one step further and supports your whole client onboarding process whilst also meeting the new Law Society Digital ID Standard and thereby providing you with a ‘Safe Harbour’ in the event of recourse.

Lawyer Checker

The SRA take looking after client money very seriously, in their most recent Risk Outlook Report they state that “Everyone needs to remain vigilant for email modification fraud attempts and not rely on Confirmation of Payee. This fraud is a common threat, where criminals forge an email saying that bank details have changed. You can help people to protect themselves by telling them about this threat and having a process in place for this situation”.

Lawyer Checker’s Account and Entity Screen is an invaluable tool, allowing you to check the account details of the conveyancer on the other side prior to fund transfer. It enables to your provide assurance to your client that their funds will not be compromised, whilst enhancing your own risk management and due diligence processes.

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