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Lender Monitor (LM04)

Did you know that, where there is a mortgage in place, there is a 50% chance that a lender will make changes to their part 2 policies during the course of a purchase case? We partner with Lexsure to make available the LM04 search, otherwise known as Lender Monitor. Lender Monitor is an essential pre-completion search which enables you to check for any changes to a lender’s part 2 instructions prior to submission of the Certificate of Title.

The results are returned in PDF format and clearly show any changes, highlighting the original and new policy text. If no changes are detected, the PDF report confirms this.

Electronic Report on Title (eROT)

The Report on Title is one of the most important documents in a transaction, but one which can be time-consuming to prepare. It’s essentially the consolidation of all the information gathered during the course of the conveyance, so accuracy is essential. Lexsure’s Electronic Report on Title is an automated solution which can drastically reduce the time it takes to draft the report.

Electronic Signing

Our online ordering platform is enhanced with a digital signing experience thanks to our integration with Hellosign. It’s a simple, secure way to get sensitive documents signed electronically and includes an audit trail of activity to ensure transparency.

Case Management Integrations

Many firms have implemented Case Management Systems to help streamline their workflows and share vital milestones with their teams. Case Management Systems ensure that everything pertaining to each case is stored in a central location, they also reduce the need to re key information into several different systems which in turn lowers the chance of human error.

We integrate with a number of different Case Management Systems to make your searches a part of this too, bringing together all the information you need in one place.

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